Huawei FRP Remove Tool latest Download [100%Free]

Huawei FRP tool download

The Official FRP Lock Tool for Huawei is among the most effective ways to solve the FRP lock issue on Huawei devices. As the name suggests, the tool was created to work on Huawei phones, allowing users to disable FRP lock swiftly and efficiently. Huawei FRP Tool using this tool is permanent once your phone is officially unlocked. To bypass this tool, you’ll have to install Huawei Fastboot drivers. You will also require an official Huawei FRP unlock code or key.

You can download and launch the program on your PC and connect the Huawei/Honor device to the PC using a USB cable. Make sure that you install Huawei USB Drivers for Windows and verify whether the Huawei smartphone is connected or not. After that, you can click Reset FRP and FRP Bypass Google account on your Huawei/Honor tablets or smartphones.

What is the reason FRP Security is mandatory to perform?

It is common to lose your phone at some point or steal it from any place. Therefore, this protection feature was created to protect the data on your device from theft.

Since factory resets are simple with the recovery mode, which clears your device and resets all your securities. However, FRP requires exact Google account details to go further.

Now you’re aware of Huawei’s FRP bypass Tool and the significance of the FRP Security features. It is time to download this helpful tool specifically made to help those unable to remember the Lock screen Password and are required to go into recovery mode in which they reset the factory; however, Google’s account password is not recognized.

How do I use Huawei FRP and ID Remove Tool V2

  • Download and Extract the Huawei FRP and ID Unlock Tool v2 on your PC
  • Run ” HuaweiFRP & IdBypassTool.exe” as Admin
  • Wait For a few minutes before launching the program on your PC
  • Now, insert a USB for connecting your Huawei Smartphones and tablets to your PC
  • Return to the tool
  • Step1: Click Read information
  • Then click Enable ADB.
  • It takes between 15 and 20 Seconds to enable ADB on your smartphone and then reboot your device.
  • If you check your phone, you will see a pop-up appear. You can click to allow USB Debugging.
  • Step 2: Click on the Check Device
  • Step 3: Choose FRP and ID To bypass
  • Done


The Huawei FRP bypass tool has been designed to assist you in bypassing FRP security in the Case of not remembering your Lock Screen and Google account password.

The tool is not made to be used for illegal purposes, but It is designed to help you whenever you’re stuck in trouble. If you need a recovery option, Huawei FRP Bypass Tool is safe and simple to use.