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App Name Samsung Sidesync
Latest Version V
File Size 46MB
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Just as the cell phones kept hiking technology to new heights, it almost became evident that they needed to keep pushing other technologies aligned. To support other gadgets relevant and relative to them, cell phone manufacturers keep on trying new features of interacting with other tech-based appliances like laptops, desktops, smartwatches, and so on. Sidesync apk is also part of creating synchronization between a cell phone and a computer.

The need for the introduction of such an application arises because most people cannot ignore their other devices, with laptops being at the top of the list. So to create an overlapping experience for users, Samsung came up with the idea of screen sharing.

The main objective behind the idea was to keep users limited to a single screen instead of making them switch screens for different jobs. It is the perfect answer to avoiding switching between devices for other tasks; it means you can have features of a phone on your laptop. How cool is that!



Samsung Sidesync apk is an application with a lot to offer to its users. Users who spend more time on laptop screens find it challenging to switch between screens to make calls or messaging. It provides its users the liberty to keep aside their mobile phones without missing any of their calls or messages.

  • Screen Sharing:

Samsung side sync lets you share your cell phone on your laptop; when installed on your machine, your laptop becomes your mobile phone.

  • Notifications:

You receive real-time notifications on your laptop once you download Sidesync for PC. You are making it convenient for you to stay dated regarding your calls and messages without actually lifting your phone.

  • File-Sharing:

Sidesync enables you to share files between your mobile phone and PC simply with a drag and drop option. You can insert pictures on your files from your cell phone. Likewise, you can copy pictures from your laptop to your cell phone by dragging desired files onto your cell phone.

How to install or download Sidesync apk:

Sidesync is readily available for download from the online web link on Samsung’s official website. Similarly, the Sidesync app is available on app stores or downloaded on PC . Once you have successfully downloaded applications, install them on your PC and mobile phone and follow the instructions provided below to make a pair for smooth running.

Dowload for Mac & PC Download link 

How to Use Samsung Sidesync Apk:

Samsung Sidesync is very easy to use; you do not need any professional’s help to have it going on your laptop or phone. Just follow the below instructions.

  • Install Sidesync for PC on your laptop from the link  and Sidesync for android from App Store on your mobile phone.
  • Once installed, connect your cell phone with a laptop or connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • From your PC, click the Name tab, which is available on the device. It will pop up a window on your phone; now click ok on both devices to make a connection.
  • Just when you click OK, it will pair both devices, and you can now access your phone credentials on your laptop.




  1. What is Sidesync?

Sidesync is an application developed by Samsung to connect your laptop to your PC without the help of a cable.


  1. Does Side sync work on android and Windows alike?

Yes, Sidesync perfectly works on android, Windows, and MAC Books alike. You can search for the Sidesync app on the app store , and do a search for sidesync for pc to download and install them on your devices.


  1. Can we make calls from Sidesync PC?

Yes, you can make calls from a PC by using the Sidesync application.



Samsung Sidesync Apk has to be one of the revelations in the cell phone industry. Android  and  PC are readily available for free download and use. If you are too busy not to use your laptop/PC and cell phone simultaneously, you want your calls to be available on your PC.        You can also Download Remote 1 Apk  to unlock your Google account from any Android device without using a computer.

All you need is to download the Sidesync apk file on your PC and laptop to enjoy hassle-free calls and messages from your laptop. The application can be of utmost importance if you have limited time, especially during working hours when you cannot always be available on your phone. Making your life easier, you can keep a tab on your incoming calls and messages and quickly transfer files.